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2015 WOC Daily News Post Show


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Concrete Insights

Editor-in-Chief Bill Palmer's insights into the concrete industry.

Guest Blogger

Every once in a while we will give our readers a chance to voice their opinions and insight.


Uncommon Sense

A colorful look into the concrete industry from Craig Cottongim.

Contractor Tips

Damian Lang gives helpful tips to contractors.


Project of the Month

CC's Project of the Month

CC’s Project of the Month is an opportunity for you to showcase your latest work!


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June-July 2015

America's Concrete Contractors; Concrete certification programs; Technology on the jobsite.


From the Archives

Read through CC's extensive archives to see how the industry has changed, and how it's remained the same.

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    From the Archives...

    For our 50th anniversary, Concrete Construction takes a look back to our own beginnings by pulling some of our favorite products of...

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    Polypropylene Fibers

    Around 1960, the industry began investigating the use of synthetic fibers to improve the performance of concrete.


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