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Pervious Concrete Live! Pervious Concrete Live!

Attendees of World of Concrete get hands-on experience with pervious concrete. Read more

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World of Concrete is 30 Days Away

The editors have helped put together a wide array of special events that will interest our readers. World of Concrete takes place Jan. 21-24 in Las Vegas. Read more

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Pervious Concrete Maintenance

The defining characteristic of pervious concrete is its ability to drain. If the surface becomes clogged, the infiltration rate can be compromised. Good maintenance prevents the need for remedial cleaning over the life of the pavement for most situations. Read moreuxrqqcrsxeybwdzwucufxsrfqxwttece

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Thoughts and Opinions

CC editor Bill Palmer comments on the concrete industry. Read more

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Alan Sparkman discusses pervious concrete at WOC 2013

Alan Sparkman, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Concrete Association, describes the potential of pervious concrete, a sustainable concrete solution. Read more

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