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Flexible Waterstops

Embedded in concrete, across and along the joint, flexible waterstops prevent leaks in the joints of concrete structures where one side is subject to hydrostatic pressure. Flexible waterstops come in a variety of profiles and material types. To choose a waterstop suitable for your joint sealing needs, it's important to know the capabilities of various systems. Read more

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French Use Slipform Pavers in Eurotunnel

A joint English and French project involved boring three tunnels through 31 miles of a chalk marl formation to link the cities of Dover and Calais. Two tunnels will accommodate high-speed trains; the third will be a service tunnel. The tunnels are lined with precast concrete ring segments. The bases for the tunnel rail bed and two sidewalks (one for evacuation and one for maintenance) are paved with concrete. Read more

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Warehouse Floor Project Challenges Contractor

Building a 243,000-square-foot reinforced concrete warehouse floor to meet specified pour widths of 56 feet and floor flatness and levelness requirements of FF35 and FL25 is a challenge for any concrete contractor. Meidling Concrete Inc. had to build such a floor for a Shopko Stores Inc. distribution center in Boise, Idaho. But complicating the job were cold temperatures, a completion deadline of 1 month, and specifications for shrinkage-compensating concrete and surface-applied traprock. Read more

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America's Tallest Concrete Tower Rises Above Vegas Desert

The Vegas World Stratosphere Tower, a reinforced concrete observation tower soaring 1,102 feet over Las Vegas is the tallest structure of its kind in the US. Read more

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