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A Longer or Shorter 60 Years A Longer or Shorter 60 Years

Progress to be Proud of Read more

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As part of our legacy, we leave behind a just-published book, The Concrete Intrigue. Read more

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Unheralded Performance

Fresh and salty marine water exposures, whether external or internal, usually require special concrete precautions above and beyond the norm to weather potential adverse effects. Read more

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The Fate of Fly Ash

Today, due to cost advantages, the sustainability movement, past research and development, and successful applications, fly ash fills ready-mix plant silos, is used in blended cements, and is included in many mix designs. Read more

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The Sometimes Magical Elixir

Air—who would think something so visible, whose composition is so invisible, pervades our universe so completely, and has such omnipresence and power, can be both so useful and so harmful? Read more

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