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Self-Leveling Overlays Self-Leveling Overlays

Self-leveling overlays have been around for decades, but they were initially used for purely utilitarian purposes. Read more

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Placing a Durable Underlayment Placing a Durable Underlayment

How to level, smooth, or fix imperfections in wood substrates before installing tile, carpet, or vinyl. Read more

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Setting up a Mixing Station Setting up a Mixing Station

A mixing station is an important part of a successful topping installation. It should also provide efficient access to the point of placement so you can deliver materials in a timely fashion. Read more

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Estimating Materials Estimating Materials

Here is how to estimate how much material you will need for an overlay project. Read more

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Following Technical Data Sheets Following Technical Data Sheets

It is absolutely essential to read in their entirety the technical data sheets provided with every decorative concrete product you use. Read more

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