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Let's Talk About Really Big Slab On Grade Placements...

Watching concrete hit the ground at over a hundred yards per hour can be just plain exciting to a concrete guy. But after it's all over and the slab is sawed and cured, are we producing a better product? Read more

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Maintaining Proper Elevation

Everyone who has ever set forms and placed concrete for a large building knows the difficulty of maintaining the correct finish floor elevation and the potential for error in transferring benchmarks across the site. Read more

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Slaying the Curling Dragon

Installation of interior slabs on grade for large distribution centers can be both simple and complex: simple in that slabs are large, open areas, flat and generally free of obstructions; complex in the difficulty of maintaining an aggressive schedule, controlling the placing environment, and ensuring consistency in materials and workmanship. Through careful planning, communication, and attention to detail, the project team for the new Ace Hardware Distribution Facility in Loxley, Ala., installed a high-quality slab at a blistering pace. Read more

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