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Waterbourne Concrete Densifer Waterbourne Concrete Densifer

Liqui-Hard Ultra concrete densifier and chemical hardener from W.R. Meadows is a waterborne, lithium-silicate-based, ready-to-use, colorless liquid, which hardens and dustproofs concrete. Read more

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Self-leveling Joint Filler Self-leveling Joint Filler

SL Series from VersaFlexis is designed to the highest standards for construction and for restoring joints. Read more

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Fast-curing Joint Filler Fast-curing Joint Filler

Polyurea SWL odorless joint filler from ChemCo Systems can be placed by machine or hand-mix and will never become stringy. Read more

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Product Focus: Joint Fillers Product Focus: Joint Fillers

The March issue of Concrete Surfaces focused on Joint Fillers. Read more

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Colorful Joint Filler Colorful Joint Filler

PE-85 M.I. by Hi-Tech Systems is a, self-leveling, two-component moisture-insensitive polyuria joint filler. Read more

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