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Creating Custom Designed Concrete Flatwork

For the past 23 years, Frank Rusk of Rusk Concrete Textures, Las Vegas, has been transforming conventional concrete flatwork into works of art. Using coloring agents and texture-stamping tools, he creates tile, slate, stone, and other custom-designed patterns in concrete. Applications range from residential patios, pool decks, walkways, and drives to high-traffic commercial areas. Customers are attracted to Rusk's flatwork for more than its beauty. They also find it easier to maintain and less expensive to install than most of the materials it imitates. Read more

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Two New Las Vegas Hotels Use 300,000 Cubic Yards of Concrete

Las Vegas hotel construction is booming - good news for area concrete contractors and producers. Two of those hotels make extensive use of precast and cast-in-place construction. Read more

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Tilt-Up in Seismically Active Areas

Tilt-ups have historically done well in seismically active areas. Structural engineer High Brooks, author of "The Tilt-up Design and Construction Manual" says "there's not a single known instance of an in-service failure of the estimated 10 million tilt-up panels constructed to date." This excellent record is due to several factors. First, the large monolithic panels inherent to tilt-ups are strong and often capable of surviving seismic forces. Second, the shape and size of typical panels promotes efficient transfer of shear forces and provides good shear resistance. Finally, large panels have few joints or weak areas that are prone to failure. Read more

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Why You Need a Computer -- and How to Develop a Successful System

Computers are becoming necessary pieces of equipment in the contracting business because they can enhance speed, quality, appearance, and efficiency. Computer-generated documents convey much more attention to detail and professionalism than do bids scribbled on the back of an envelope. Read more

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