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Promoting Concrete Parking Lots and Streets

To be a successful concrete promoter requires a little motivation and a lot of hard work. The first thing you must determine is if you really want to promote concrete. Although it sounds silly, the truth is if there isn't a producer who's willing to supply the concrete when it's needed, paving promotion efforts don't make much sense. Once you've committed yourself to promotion, the education process begins. Promoters must know about all aspects of concrete paving, including design, construction, specifications, costs, contractors, and competing materials. Read more

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Owners Choose Concrete Parking Lot to Reduce Costs

Replacing a failed asphalt pavement with concrete promised to cut life-cycle costs for the parking lot of a church-operated warehouse facility. Even though removing the asphalt and replacing it with concrete cost 40 % more than replacing it with new asphalt, reduced maintenance costs made concrete the lowest total cost option. Read more

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