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Selecting a Material Spreader

A material spreader is used to apply one of several types of material, including floor hardeners, coloring materials, light reflectants, and aggregates. Read more

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ACPA Names Operator Safety Award Winner

With more than 100 operators nominated to win the Operator Safety Award for concrete pump operators, it's easy to see why Jerry Brooke's chances of having his name selected as the winner were pretty slim. Read more

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Matching Power Trowels to Job Needs

Deciding to invest in a power trowel or to continue using traditional methods of hand finishing is not always an easy choice to make. Although there isn't a mathematical formula contractors can use to arrive at a decision, factors such as job size, time, and desired quality should be considered. For example, the larger the job and the less time available for finishing, the more efficient a power trowel becomes. A walk-behind power trowel can finish about 1,500 square feet daily, while a ride-on power trowel can finish about 3,000 square feet. An experienced hand-finishing crew can finish about 600 square feet per day. Keep in mind that power trowels consistently produce a high-quality finish, as well as create a harder and flatter surface. Read more

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