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Delamination: The Sometime Curse of Entrained Air Delamination: The Sometime Curse of Entrained Air

Air entrainment in concrete was discovered accidentally about 70 years ago. Since then, entrained air has provided many blessings to concrete such as increased workability at lower water-cement ratios and reduced bleeding. And there is its primary function: maximizing the resistance of hardened concrete to damage from cyclic freezing and deicing chemicals. Read more

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Some Truths and Fantasy About Chloride De-icing Chemicals

Our experience is that a one-year waiting period is not needed for concrete that is well made, well finished, of adequate strength, has undergone a short period of air drying, and has an effective air-void system. Concrete that does not meet these criteria is always vulnerable to scaling when it becomes saturated and freezes. De-icing chemicals increase that vulnerability and may lead to scaling in concrete that might otherwise have performed acceptably despite being marginally air-entrained or having surface defects caused by improper finishing. Read more

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