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Square Dowels Control Slab Curling

Curling at floor joints is a common problem. However, field observations and experimental studies have shown that substantial reductions in curling can be achieved by using proprietary square steel dowels fitted with a clip-on device that puts the sides of the dowel in contact with a compressible material. Read more

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A Proposed Solution to Cracking Caused by Dowels

Dowels serve an important purpose in many floor slabs and pavements. They prevent faulting and subsequent cracking at joints by transferring wheel loads from one slab to the next. Unfortunately, dowels sometimes prevent joints from opening. This defeats the purpose of jointing and can cause slabs to crack between joints. Read more

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Effect of Freezing Concrete at Early Ages

How is the strength-gain potential of fresh concrete affected by early freezing? In the article, results of an experiment to study this question are given. Read more

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Shotcrete Reduces Cost of Spillway Crest Construction

Constructing the spillway crest for Willow Creek Dam could have been a dangerous and expensive job if conventional concrete placement techniques had been used. Read more

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