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Pavement Cost Comparisons

To some specifiers and owners who want to get the best pavement buy for a highway, street or parking lot, the method for choosing between concrete and asphalt seems simple. Read more

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Why Low Cylinder Tests in Hot Weather?

A published report of research by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) is titled "The Effect of Temperature and Delivery Time on Concrete Proportions." It contains information with immediate practical application for any contractor, ready mix producer, or specifier who may ever face problems of low cylinder strength tests during hot weather construction. Read more

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Common Field Problems

Certain recurring problems can be readily prevented by an adjustment in the concrete mix or in the construction practices. Read more

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Concrete Materials

Materials used to make concrete have an effect on how easily the concrete can be transported, placed and finished. Material properties also affect how fast the concrete gains strength, what strength it will ultimately reach and how well it performs in service. Portland cement, aggregates and admixtures are discussed in this article. Read more

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Preparation for Ordering Concrete

The responsibility for delivering the right concrete mix and for its meeting all of the requirements of the specification and the contractor's needs is shared by the contractor, ready mix producer and the owner or specifying engineer who is the owner's representative. Read more

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