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Party Tents Make Good Enclosures for Winter Concreting

In Glenview, Illinois, a home builder used a party tent for cold weather concreting of a townhouse development. Read more

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High Fiber Diet Improves Precast Concrete

Today precast concrete manufacturers are adding synthetic fibers to their products. Through experience, they have found that fibers not only control cracking but improve impact resistance and watertightness. Read more

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Airport Extends Runway with 21-Inch-Thick Concrete

It is logical that the bigger, heavier airplanes of today require longer, sturdier runways for landing. Read more

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Log Cabin Home Preserves a Style in Concrete

In 1911 the log cabin was enjoying renewed popularity as a style for resort and recreational buildings. Read more

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Hydraulic Rams Used in Dismantling Bridge Formwork

Stripping formwork from under a slab can be risky business, especially when the forms are large, heavy pieces. Read more

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