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Retaining Wall System Offers Economy, Speed of Construction

TTW is a Maryland design-build firm that uses precast concrete panels to build retaining walls, bridge abutments, and walls for erosion prevention. Each wall consists of three parts: Read more

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New Cement Gains Strength Fast

A pavement placed in Kansas City by Clarkson Construction Company was not an ordinary paving job. Job-cured cylinders broke at 4600 psi after only one day. Read more

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Concrete Pumps Complete Massive Foundation Pour in 13.5 Hours

On a Seattle foundation job in the summer of 1988, nine concrete pumps set West Coast records for placing concrete. After the first hour of pumping, with no truck-waiting time, a remarkable 1,350 cubic yards of concrete were in the hole. The boom pumps had placed a record-breaking volume that averaged 150 yards per unit. The nine pumps kept pace with the 115 ready mix trucks, enabling the continuous pour to be completed in 13.5 hours. Read more

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Concrete Girders Rolled into Place

A Texas general contractor had to place 92 precast concrete girders on top of a large wastewater treatment plant. Read more

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Concrete Tower Serves as a Landmark in West Suburban Chicago for Almost 80 Years

The Hofmann tower in suburban Lyons, Ill., was built in 1908 by George Hofmann, Jr. The tower was sold in 1983 to the Illinois Department of Conservation, which is taking steps to preserve and reconstruct parts of it. Read more

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