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Getting More Out of Plywood Forms Getting More Out of Plywood Forms

The North American plywood industry has been using the same wood veneers and the design values for many years.Changing wood resources, however, have forced North American plywood manufacturers to seek out new sources of veneer and new overlays to provide Read more

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Some Imported Concrete Form Panels Fail to Meet Grade

APA is cautioning the marketplace to beware of imported panels that in many cases fail to meet North American standards. APA recently tested samples of nontrademarked imported concrete form panels in which the average glue bond performance of the sample d Read more

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Plywood Understood

Successful and cost-effective form development must consider both engineering requirements and architectural intentions. Structural wood-forming panels can fulfill a wide variety of forming needs. Read more

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Selecting and Using Plywood Forming Panels

Contractors typically need to evaluate structural wood forming panels to properly construct job-built forms and use prefabricated forming systems. Versatile and economical, job-built forms can be used for projects ranging from small residential walls to large domed structures. And because of the efficiency of mass production, prefabricated plywood forming systems such as ganged forms, slipforms, jump forms, and flying truss systems can be used to save material and labor costs. Read more

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