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Floor Slab Experiment Floor Slab Experiment

A contractor placed a concrete slab in each of five sheds. Wanting to learn more about how to control cracks and curling, the contractor decided to try something different in each shed. Read more

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Effectiveness of Liquid Concrete Densifiers

Liquid hardeners/densifiers are commonly used on concrete floors to increase wear resistance, but how well do they actually perform? Two industry veterans argue on each side of the issue. Read more

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Hardeners can be Beneficial Hardeners can be Beneficial

Chemical surface hardener/densifiers on concrete slabs improve the appearance and ease of cleaning but cannot be used as curing agents or a moisture mitigation system. Read more

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Are Hardeners Effective? Are Hardeners Effective?

Liquid surface hardeners have been used on concrete slabs for many years, but do they really harden the surface? This author raises the question and answers, no. Read more

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