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Discovering the Unexpected Discovering the Unexpected

Find out the results of CC's two-year warehouse floor study. Read more

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How Old is Concrete? How Old is Concrete?

There is much talk about green and sustainability these days. For concrete, the key word is sustainability, which has to do with constructing slabs and structures with low carbon footprints. Read more

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Why are We Still Having Problems with Moisture?

Water is an essential ingredient in concrete, but uncontrolled excessive moisture can create a whole host of problems with concrete floor slabs. Read more

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Concrete Floor Moisture Tests Concrete Floor Moisture Tests

A major change is taking place in the way that the floor covering industry measures moisture in concrete floors. This change affects concrete floor contractors, general contractors, construction managers, owners, architects, and floor covering installers. Read more

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Making Technology Transfer Stick Making Technology Transfer Stick

Fifty years ago, floor problems due to moisture were well recognized and many good practices established. Read more

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