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Let It Crack

When an elevated concrete slab is to be cast on a steel deck, what are the most effective measures architects, engineers, and contractors can take to control cracking? This is an unresolved issue for many builders. Read more

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Controlling Deflection of Composite Deck Slabs

Composite construction is the most common structural system for elevated floors. It consists of concrete placed on metal decking that's supported by structural steel beams and girders. As the concrete hardens, the steel framing and concrete bond together to carry dead and live loads. Until the concrete hardens, however, the framing and metal deck must carry construction loads that include the weight of the fresh concrete. This weight can result in floor deflection and levelness problems. Read more

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Controlling Slab Curling

Slab-on-grade curling can be a big problem, especially when the slab must be covered by wood flooring. That's why curling--not flatness--was the major concern of the wood flooring installer for the new gymnasium at Elmira College. Read more

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