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Keeping Laser Controls Accurate

More and more concrete contractors are using lasers to control their construction equipment. By helping machines trench, level, cut, or fill more accurately, laser-leveling systems can eliminate traditional control methods such as hubs, blue tops, stringlines, and spot checking. Read more

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Avoiding Equipment Breakdowns

Other than bad weather, the primary cause of work shutdowns on the jobsite is undoubtedly equipment failure. Just think of the serious job delays that could result if the equipment you rely on the most were to break down. For many concrete contractors, those indispensable machines are power trowels, internal vibrators and vibrating screeds. Read more

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Caring for a Laser Level

Laser levels must be handled with care to keep their electronic circuitry, electric motors and glass optics aligned and calibrated. But in the rough environment of a typical jobsite -- where dust and mud, rugged terrain, and harsh weather conditions prevail -- these sensitive electronic instruments really take a beating. Read more

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