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Rebar Positioners, Connectors, and Tools

Proper installation of reinforcing steel in masonry walls often requires the use of specific positioners, connectors, and tools. Read more

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Flatwork Grading Made Easy

For 14 years, JJ Juliano Construction has been installing large commercial and industrial floors in the state of New York. For the last 3 years, the company has been installing the floors much faster thanks to a laser-guided grader attachment for Bobcat s Read more

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Choose Your Chipping Hammer

Day in and day out, concrete repair contractors perform the tough task of removing weak or damaged concrete with a very tough tool: the hand-held pneumatic chipping hammer. Read more

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Truss-Type Screeds Save Time and Labor

For the concrete contractor, vibratory screeds provide many benefits -- perhaps the most important being the elimination of labor-intensive manual strike-off of concrete with a conventional straightedge. The screeds also level and consolidate the concrete slab simultaneously, allowing workers to quickly produce smooth, flat surfaces that are ready for subsequent finishing operations. Read more

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Selecting a Wet-Mix Shotcrete Pump

Contractors aware of the versatility of shotcrete might not be aware of the wide selection of concrete pumps available for repair with wet-mix shotcrete. This roundup focuses on swing-tube pumps, which can handle concrete with ¾-minus aggregate as well as wet-mix shotcrete, which may contain smaller aggregates. Most models have watertight valves to keep the mix liquid. Read more

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