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1997 Pavement Award Winners Set New Standards

Article profiles the winners and finalists in the eighth annual National Awards Program for Excellence in Concrete Pavement, sponsored by the American Concrete Pavement Association and Concrete Construction. This year's program attracted 85 project nominations. Industry representatives judged each project using four criteria: Read more

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Checklist for Selecting a Power Trowel

Article discusses what factors contractors should consider before buying a walk-behind or ride-on power trowel, including design features, productivity, power options, drive mechanisms and ease of control. Read more

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Panel Systems and Hardware for Residential Wall Forming

Article profiles 11 residential-wall forming systems, ranging from high-density overlaid (HDO) plywood-panel systems to heavy-duty aluminum forms. Special hardware systems for use with plywood panels also are described. The descriptions include panel dimensions and materials, system applications, bracing requirements and hardware features. Information was provided by the form manufacturers. Read more

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So You Want to Slipform Median Barriers

What's involved in producing slipformed median barriers? The scope of most barrier-wall projects requires a big investment in equipment and manpower, thorough job preparation and organization, and attention to base construction and reinforcing-steel placement. Once the site is carefully prepared, it's necessary to carefully choreograph the movements of work crews, ready mix trucks, and the paver. If a slipformer is to work properly, it needs a continuous supply of uniform concrete. Read more

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