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Hydrodemolition at Pearl Harbor

Removing delaminated concrete at Pearl Harbor, and restoring coating at an animal hospital in a week--without closing for business. Read more

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Rapid Restoration at Animal Hospital

The Arapahoe Animal Hospital and Kennel, Boulder, Colo., needed a complete coating restoration for 2000 square feet of horizontal surfaces and 2000 square feet of vertical surfaces. Read more

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Self-Climbing Placing Boom Speeds Project Self-Climbing Placing Boom Speeds Project

Early tower placing booms, first introduced in the 1970s, required the use of separate cranes, massive counterweights, and nonproportional booms, and were considered for only the largest projects. But today's modern systems take less time to install and a Read more

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Tank Construction on a Two-Week Cycle Tank Construction on a Two-Week Cycle

In 1912, West Virginia began storing liquefied natural gas (LNG) commercially and, 47 years later, in 1959, the Methane Pioneer carried the first cargo of LNG via sea from Louisiana to the United Kingdom. Read more

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