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Preparing for Liftoff

Come the year 2001, the first Delta IV rocket, the first major redesign in U.S. rockets in 20 years, will take off from Cape Canaveral's new Launch Complex 37b. The new unmanned rocket will burn cleaner, cost less, have fewer parts, and generate more thrust than its predecessors. It also will be the first on Florida's Space Coast to be assembled horizontally and then raised vertically onto the concrete launch structure. Read more

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The Equipment Revolution

In the 1950s, paving 2,000 lineal feet of 24-foot-wide concrete pavement or placing and finishing 5,000 square feet of floor was considered a good day's work. Read more

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Concrete Flatwork, Post-Modern Style

Like colored taffy, strips of the interior concrete floor of Milwaukee's new Midwest Express Convention Center slip under the windows of the building's exterior facade and pass to the outside, where they roll through the gray concrete sidewalk and curl to form flamboyant bus-stop shelters or benches. Read more

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Low-VOC Coatings Now Required

The next time you buy a drum of cure-and-seal, you may be getting a product quite different from the same brand you've used previously. Read more

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A Concrete 'Dream-Work' Comes to Life

In building the underground garage for the new expansion to Milwaukee's art museum, contractor C.G. Schmidt is using some sophisticated forming techniques. Read more

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