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OSHA Increases Penalties Sevenfold

With its enactment of the Budget Reconciliation Act on September 5, 1990, Congress has increased maximum Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) penalties a whopping sevenfold. The maximum penalty for a willful or repeated violation is now 70,000 dollars, up from 10,000 dollars, and the maximum penalty for a serious or other-than-serious violation is 7,000 dollars, up from 1,000 dollars. These amounts are ceilings, not floors. But to ensure that flagrant violators are fined sufficiently, the minimum penalty for a willful violation is now 5,000 dollars. Read more

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New System Casts Footings After Erecting Wall Panels

One, two, three. Dig a trench. Erect the precast wall panels in the trench. Then fill the trench with concrete. Read more

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How Do You Prevent Corrosion?

Several ways of preventing--or stopping--rebar corrosion are explored in this article. Read more

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How to Form Curved Walls

Curved walls can be formed in four general ways, using fixed-radius manufactured walers, fixed-radius job-built walers, adjustable walers, or modular form panels. Read more

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Overlaying Decks with LMC

Latex modified concrete (LMC) is often used to overlay a bridge deck or parking deck. LMC requires special techniques and special care. For a good job, five steps must be followed. All five steps are crucial. They must be done quickly, in sequence, without lags. Read more

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