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Stronger, Faster

When determining the true cost of a concrete repair project, owners must consider the financial impact of shutting down a structure to perform the work. Read more

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A Clear View of Sealers

Many surface-protection options are available to prevent water from entering concrete. Waterproofing coatings or membranes can provide a complete barrier to water, but their impermeability can be a drawback because they can trap within the concrete water that would otherwise evaporate. Read more

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A Contractor's Guide to Cut-Off Saws

Indispensable tools on any concrete repair jobsite, cut-off saws can be used to make quick, shallow cuts through concrete and steel. Common applications include cutting openings in walls, square cutting patch perimeters, and cutting rebar and post-tensioning tendons. Read more

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Practical Patching

Patching of corrosion-damaged concrete is by far the most common concrete repair procedure, comprising a significant portion of the total repair market. In some cases, rebar corrosion has progressed to the point where the concrete member must be replaced. But in most cases, partial-depth patching is sufficient to prevent further deterioration and extend the service life of the structure. Read more

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Coming Clean on Power Washing

The most effective way to clean dirt and stains from concrete without damaging its surface is power washing. Most power-washing equipment is simple to use and cleaning procedures are pretty straightforward. Read more

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