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60 Years of Concrete Construction 60 Years of Concrete Construction

We introduce a new column this month. Read more

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A Twinge of Optimism

PCA economist's insights, best use of vapor barriers, association management in the industry, and checking in on Mary K. Hurd. Read more

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Use Updated Wall Pressure Formulas

ACI's Formwork Standards have changes with regard to wall-pressure formulas. Read more

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Climbing Formwork System Goes Horizontal

Environmental protection issues shaped the plans for a twin-tube vehicular tunnel, 1.45 miles long, outside the village of Steinhaus in Upper Austria. Read more

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Pressure on Wall and Column Forms

Who makes the rules for form design? The American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committee 347, Formwork for Concrete, is generally regarded as the standards-setting authority in the United States—not only for vertical formwork but also for deck forms, shoring, and reshoring. Read more

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