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SCC Proves Successful in Repair and Strengthening Projects

One business that is certainly season-driven is skiing. When the owner of an East Coast ski resort realized that a fairly new condominium/hotel facility had construction deficiencies and was in need of repair, finding a quick solution became imperative. Read more

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Decorative Concrete at the Crossroads

I got started in the decorative concrete industry in the early 1980s. In the past 25 years, this subset of the much larger concrete industry has been growing—recently exponentially. Read more

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Formwork and Shoring In 2056 Formwork and Shoring In 2056

Composite materials will be more prevalent. Research and experimentation with composite surfaces as a replacement for plywood has been conducted for years, but the higher composite costs have not yet made it an economical alternative. Read more

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Working with Flammable Solvents Working with Flammable Solvents

There are advantages to using volatile solvents in decorative coloring agents like dyes: They spray well and dry immediately, very controlled work can be achieved, they don't puddle and run, you can apply multiple coats very quickly, and they produce a “soft touch” effect. Read more

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