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Fast Field Test for Chloride Ion chloride-contaminated concrete structures

Chloride contamination of reinforced concrete structures, usually caused by deicing salts or marine exposure, is recognized as a major contributor to structural deterioration by causing reinforcing steel corrosion. Read more

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Unbonded Single Strand Post-Tensioning Tendon Detail

Single strand tendons offer an efficient, economical, and practical way of post-tensioning many types of building structures. Read more

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Water-Retentive Admixtures for Grouts Serve Post-Tensioning Needs

The fluidity of grouts varies with the type of grout one uses. Most grouting of post-tensioning tendons is done with neat cement (that is, a mixture of cement and water) to which an admixture has in some cases been added. Read more

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Divorces and Ruptured Relations Between Epoxies and Concrete

Epoxy and other polymers are very useful in concrete construction. They are used as coatings, protective armor, bonding agents, for joinery and for many types of repairs to concrete elements and structures. Read more

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