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Project of the Month: Rancho Arroyo, California

In a remote mountain location between Los Angeles and San Francisco, a 4000-acre ranch site is gradually coming of age. When complete, it will include a winery, an olive farm, a horse-training and -trading facility, greenhouses, and a number of other facilities. Read more

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Toledo Museum of Art: Glass Pavilion

From its humble first exhibition space in two rented rooms, the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, has grown to cover approximately 32 acres with six buildings. Its latest addition, the Glass Pavilion, began in May 2004. Read more

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The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya

Built "to last 1000 years," the Great Stupa at the Shambhala Mountain Center near Ft. Collins in the Colorado Rockies was built with the finest, most durable materials available. Silica fume, fly ash, a high-range water reducer, and a retarder were added to the high-performance concrete used in the 100-foot-tall structure. Impermeability was achieved by a combination of low water-cement ratio and pozzolanic additives that reduced voids in the concrete. A combination of superplasticizer and retarder created a highly workable concrete. Read more

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Computers In Construction

Computers have pervaded our society, and it is time to consider how they can best serve the concrete construction business. Read more

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Innovation Speeds Massive Floor Pour

Despite a local shortage of concrete, Haws & Tingle General Contractors succeeded in placing a massive 110,000-square-foot warehouse floor in a continuous 22-hour pour. Just 14 workers with one laser screed were able to place up to 180 yards of concrete per hour. Read more

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