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Cost-Effective Concrete Floors

Suddenly, whoever wants to install a short-span concrete floor deck has several good choices. Read more

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Choosing an Insulating Concrete Form System

An estimated 8,000 homes in the United States and Canada were built last year with insulating concrete forms -- up nearly 50% from the previous year. Homebuyers cite superior comfort, noise reduction, energy savings, and strength and rigidity as the primary reasons they are opting for concrete rather than wood-frame construction -- and are gladly paying a little more for it. Read more

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Concrete Floor Systems in Residential Construction

Used widely in commercial construction for years, concrete floor systems have recently blazed trails into the residential market. The main reason is the growing popularity of stay-in-place insulating concrete form homes. A concrete floor works well with ICFs because concrete walls can carry the floor's greater weight without special provisions. Read more

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