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Staying Competitive in a Changing Market

Concrete contractors who adopt new ideas and technologies often profit at the expense of the competitors who don't. To survive in a changing market, concrete contractors - even those who are currently successful - have to be willing to adapt and grow. Companies stay in business by responding to customer needs even when those needs change. If you lose touch with your customers, you will soon have a company providing services no one wants. Read more

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High-Priced Help

Higher prices are fine if you can deliver quality workmanship. What happens when you are charging more than other contractors who offer the same services? If you find that's the case, it's time to realize that you aren't competitive and that you can do one of two things: Improve your competitive position by reducing your costs or be forced out of the market by more efficient producers. Read more

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Marketing Basics for Contractors

Because so much of construction work is bid oriented, many contractors see little benefit in marketing their services. Remember, wherever there is a restricted bid list, there have been several successful marketing efforts. The reason is that the contractors on the list convinced a decision maker that they offered more than the plans and specifications could identify. In other words, they sold an intangible product, such as quality, experience, reliability, or warranty. Read more

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To Grow or Not to Grow

Growth is not best for every company, and even companies that should grow need to be aware of the costs and risks of growth. Read more

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