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A New Water Standard for Concrete A New Water Standard for Concrete

Changes in concrete and construction sometimes come at a glacial pace. But such changes also tend to be significant. One such change occurred at the semi-annual ASTM meeting in June. After 8 years of development and more than 20 years of existing as a part of another standard specification, a new document was created: ASTM C 1602/C 1602M-04, “Standard Specification for Mixing Water Used in the Production of Hydraulic Cement Concrete.” Read more

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Using High-Volume Flyash Concrete Using High-Volume Flyash Concrete

The use of HVFA is not without reaction from the construction community. Yes, it can achieve performance equal to regular concrete and can do so at a comparable price. But, depending on the application, the owner must be willing to accept changes in scheduling, cost, or both. Read more

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