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Tilt-Up City

Concrete contractor and tilt-up entrepreneur Larry Clark discusses the construction of Capital Centre, an all-tilt-up sports and entertainment complex he is building in Lansing, Mich. The facility includes a 52,000-square-foot basketball stadium, a 176,00-square-foot building for soccer, hockey, and gymnastics, and a health and fitness building with an indoor running track. For the walls of all three buildings, Clark is using more than 180,000 square feet of tilt-up sandwich panels as tall as 45 feet. Read more

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Edison's Concrete Dream

At the turn of the century, inventor Thomas Alva Edison developed a clever system of cast-iron molds that would allow a contractor to pour a concrete house in a day. Read more

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St. Francis de Sales Church

Designed by well-known New York architect Marcel Breuer, St. Francis de Sales Church in Muskegon, Michigan is an inspirational structure that fully demonstrates the architectural potential of cast-in-place concrete construction. Read more

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Roads of the Roman Empire

The Romans built nearly 53,000 miles of roads linking the capital to their far-flung empire. To put this amazing feat in context, consider that the United States, to date, has built 42,000 miles of interstate highways. Roman roads were remarkable for preserving a straight line from point to point, regardless of obstacles. They traversed marshes, lakes, ravines, and mountains. Read more

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