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Renting, Leasing, or Owning Construction Equipment

Rent, lease, or own? It's only natural to rely on a combination of all three methods, renting equipment for one-time or short-term jobs, and buying for long-term jobs. Determining just the right mix, however, requires careful evaluation of your business position. Read more

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Protecting Construction Equipment from Vandalism and Theft

Though many concrete contractors rely on general contractors to protect jobsite equipment - especially equipment left overnight such as forming systems, paving machines, and cranes - improved jobsite security should be everyone's concern. Moreover, say many administrators of anti-theft and anti-vandalism programs, high-tech security systems are rarely needed and are generally much too expensive. The most effective crime prevention activities, they say, are often the simplest and least expensive: writing a security plan, establishing worker responsibility at the jobsite, and giving the crews the resources needed to implement security measures. Read more

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