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Placing a Foundation Mat in a Day

Thanks to a great deal of planning and coordination, winter placement of a massive foundation mat for Columbia Center No. 2, a 14-story office building in Troy, Mich., went without a hitch. The 21,000-square-foot mat was placed in November, at a time of year when Michigan weather is always unpredictable. But weather wasn't the only worry. Because the building was part of an office complex and surrounded by existing high-rise structures, parking decks, and parking lots, the concrete placement had to take place on a Saturday, when office traffic is minimal. This gave concrete contractor Simone Contracting Corp. only 1 day to place the nearly 3,200 cubic yards of concrete required for the 4-foot, 2-inch-thick mat. Read more

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Superflat Floor Meets Warehouse Needs

When Eaton Steel Corp., Taylor, Mich., decided to modernize existing warehouse storage, the company needed a heavy-duty superflat concrete floor with no transverse joints and minimal cracking. Transverse joints were undesirable because they would create bumps in the wheel paths of the warehouse's high-reach forklift traffic. And over time, joint spalling could hinder lift-truck efficiency and require extra maintenance. Read more

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Craftsmanship and Planning Lead to Quality Floor

Craftsmanship, quality control, and teamwork were basic elements in producing an attractive, durable concrete floor at a competitive price for a warehouse store in Westland, Mich. The 122,000-square-foot, 8-inch-thick floor was completed in 10 working days. The floor profile quality exceeded minimum requirements for flatness and levelness. Read more

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