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Contractors Play Key Roles in Expanding Tilt-Up Construction

The history of tilt-up construction teaches us that it is the contractor who is primarily responsible for the successful introduction of the tilt-up technique into new markets. It wasn't until after World War II, when the country experienced a construction boom, that the tilt-up technique began to take off. The most dramatic boom was in Southern California, where contractors found tilt-up to be a cost-effective means of meeting the demand for new commercial construction. Contractors found they could erect buildings quickly and without skilled labor. Read more

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Tilt-Up Offers the Competitive Advantage

Tilt-up combines fast, economical construction with all the advantages of concrete: economy; speed of construction; design freedom; security; and use of local materials. Added to these advantages are concrete's durability, fire resistance, low insurance rates, and energy efficiency. Read more

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Tilt-Up Goes Multistory

With a few notable exceptions, tilt-up construction methods have traditionally been applied to buildings of one or two stories. However, the economies that are possible using conventional tilt-up construction methods are realized to an even greater degree in multistory applications, where panel heights may exceed 50 feet. Read more

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