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Rehabilitating Ohio State's Stadium

The Ohio State University football stadium was last repaired extensively in 1948, leaving unsightly dark, irregular patches. Numerous stains, spalling concrete, and exposed steel reinforcement called for further repair of the concrete facing. Most of the precast cornices and all the precast window grilles were in an advanced state of deterioration due to freeze-thaw damage with many pieces already having fallen to the ground. Cored samples of the concrete surface in several locations indicated a depth of carbonation in the concrete ranging from one-eighth to one and one-half inches. Orange streaks also stained the exterior of the stadium concrete. Read more

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Someone Still Has to Pay When Building Components Don't Fit Even If Tolerances Are Met

When building components won't fit because of dimensional variations in cast-in-place concrete, concrete products, and other materials, someone has to pay for correcting the interferences. Concrete constructors and material fabricators will probably have to pay if their products are not within specified tolerances. If all materials are within specified tolerances but the variations still cause an interference, the architect or engineer may have to pay for the correction. Ambiguous situations or situations not covered by specified tolerances may become a free-for-all of claims and counterclaims. Read more

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How to Choose a Concrete Framing System

Preliminary design of a reinforced concrete structure involves the selection and representation of a framing scheme, showing size and shape of beams, columns, and slabs. Read more

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Optimizing Concrete Design Costs

Productivity, as a way to increase profitability, commands the daily attention of design consultants. Read more

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A Screeding Machine That's More Than a Strike-Off

Nine men using a screeding machine recently screeded 14,000 square feet of floor for a Massachusetts warehouse in 5 hours. Read more

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