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Welded Wire Sandwich Panels: an Alternative to Wood-Frame Construction

When Hurricane Hugo passed through Puerto Rico last September, the 200 houses built there with welded wire sandwich panels reported no structural damage. Buildings using these panels have also held up through typhoons in the Far East and earthquakes in the Middle East. The panels meet seismic Zone 4 requirements and have fire ratings of 2 to 4 hours. The system is also termite and dry rot proof, has good acoustical properties with sound ratings to STC-52, and has insulation values to R 33. Read more

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Planning for Success Brings Success to an Indiana Contractor

Travis Gloyd Construction, Inc., (TGC) near Ft. Wayne, Indiana, has grown from a small business doing mostly residential work to a growing company whose profits come largely from commercial jobs. Looking back on the 20 years it has taken Gloyd to build TGC, he points out key areas underpinning his company's success. Read more

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