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Bonding Basics

By nature, construction is a risky business. An economic downturn, labor difficulties, material shortages, equipment problems, and a host of other problems can cause a contractor's business to fail—leaving projects at a standstill. That's why an increasing number of owners are requiring surety bonds from their contractors. Read more

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To Train or Not To Train

It's easy to conclude that formal training will increase the skill level of your people out in the field, and result in increased productivity, greater employee self-esteem, and an enhanced company image because your crews are more knowledgeable and professional. However, the decision to train is not as clear-cut as it first appears. It depends on many factors, ranging from your company's financial situation to the degree of faith you have in the employee who's being considered for the training. Read more

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Making the Jump to Commercial Construction

Concrete contractors make scores of decisions every day, but if you're a residential contractor, perhaps the most pivotal decision you'll ever make is whether to expand into commercial construction. The transition can be intimidating, especially if you're not prepared. Suddenly you are faced with spec books, architects and engineers, liquidated damages, bonding requirements, and regulations around every bend. Read more

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Increasing Your Sales to Commercial General Contractors

Proper procedures, professionalism and attention to quality control and safety are all qualities commercial general contractors look for when choosing subcontractors. The author, a full-time commercial construction estimator and project manager for a Midwest general contractor, offers tips on how concrete subcontractors can become more competitive when low bids and a good reputation don't attract enough work. He explains how to make your presence known, increase your chances of getting jobs, and prepare a professional written proposal. Read more

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