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Flatness and Levelness + Durability = Longevity Flatness and Levelness + Durability = Longevity

Concrete floor quality is not guaranteed by high F-numbers, but rather creating a long-lasting durable floor. Read more

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Concrete for Durable Floors Concrete for Durable Floors

The dictionary states that durability is the ability of something to resist wear and tear, and a floor surface needs to resist wear and tear year after year Read more

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Understanding Specifications for Superflat Floors

There are two basic floor categories: random traffic and defined traffic. Currently, fewer than 1% of the floors constructed in the US are classified as defined traffic. In very-narrow-aisle warehouses, forklifts travel 6-foot wide aisles between storage racks with the aid of rack-mounted rails or a wire guidance system embedded in the floor. While moving down the aisles, these lift trucks can raise their forks to retrieve or place products at various levels. For these forklifts to perform as intended, defined-traffic floors must be extraordinarily flat and level, or superflat. Read more

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Misunderstandings and Abuses in Flatwork Specifications

Most contractors see F-numbers in the majority of specifications written today and most have read articles and publications on the subject. Read more

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