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Is It Time to Lift?

Before erecting tilt-up concrete panels, you must allow them to gain enough strength to withstand lifting stresses. Read more

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Spotting Boom Pumps Safely

Before you unfold the boom of a pump truck on a new jobsite, be sure to check for power lines and other obstructions, excavations, and unstable ground. Read more

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Don't Brush Off Broom Finishing

For most exterior flatwork jobs, final finishing involves applying texture to the concrete surface with a finishing broom. When properly done, brooming is a quick, easy way to achieve an attractive non-slip surface. Most driveways, sidewalks, and patios require a broomed finish. Choosing the right broom for each job and knowing how to use and maintain this finishing tool can help ensure customer satisfaction. Read more

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How to Build Concrete Homes Using Foam Forms

Stay-in-place foam forms have been accepted as a quick, easy, and efficient way to construct residential foundation walls. Now these systems are quickly catching on as an efficient way to construct entire homes, from footing to eave. In one step, the contractor can form concrete and provide insulation with R-values much higher than conventional concrete walls. Other advantages of these systems when compared to conventional forming methods include faster wall erection (forms are easy to erect and do not require stripping), and better concrete curing and a longer construction season (the foam insulates the concrete). Read more

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Top OSHA Violations and How to Avoid Them

Nobody wants to see an employee or co-worker get hurt on the job. To an employer, accidents are expensive. Lost work time and revenue can take a chunk out of the bottom line. For example, 14% of all lost-time accidents were due to falls from elevations. But a greater concern is that some accidents can be fatal. The most frequently cited standard, which requires the use of head protection, was cited in 142 fatality inspections by OSHA over a 5-year period. Read more

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