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Get Tough on Safety Before the Government Gets Tough on You

It is clear that the government is serious about safety. In 1990, 22,578 citations for alleged Hazard Communications Standard (HazCom) violations were issued in the construction industry. The U.S. Bureau of National Affairs, which tracks OSHA activities, listed construction as one of OSHA's prime targets because of the industry's poor record in reducing serious accidents. Another indication of OSHA's interest in construction is the new OSHA Office of Construction and Engineering. Its purpose is to provide technical construction advice to OSHA. Read more

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Prestressing: the Technique That Makes Concrete Fully Competitive

Nineteen forty-nine was an exciting year for the concrete industry. It was the year that structural concrete literally leaped into full competition with structural steel as a result of the construction of the 155-foot-span prestressed concrete Walnut Lane Bridge in Philadelphia. Read more

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Roofs: Why Are So Many on the Ground?

When unusual depths of snow fell in the Chicago area there came news of literally hundreds of commercial and industrial roof failures and thousands of home garage roof failures. Read more

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