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Floor Finishing Floor Finishing

With the finishing equipment available today, almost anyone can get a decent finish and adequate surface profile tolerances in the interior, wide-open portions of a slab placement. Read more

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Reinforcement For Slabs on Ground

There are many opinions floating around as to the benefits, or lack thereof, of reinforcement in slabs on ground. Not all reinforcement works the same way. To be able to understand the potential benefits and negatives of any particular reinforcement system, one has to understand how that system theoretically works and also what happens in the real world. Read more

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A Jointless, Crack-Free Walkway A Jointless, Crack-Free Walkway

A concrete expert experiments at his own home. Read more

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The Hidden Cost of Aggregate Interlock The Hidden Cost of Aggregate Interlock

Using dowels will reduce long-term cost for slabs on ground Read more

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Performance-Based Dowel Design Performance-Based Dowel Design

Serviceability is the name of the game with floor slabs that will have lift truck traffic. The most vulnerable places on such a floor slab are the joints. The joints break down when a lift truck moves toward the joint, deflecting down the edge of the slab Read more

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