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Joints, Shrinkage, and Slab-Edge Support: An Open Challenge to ACI 302

A very important part of providing a durable concrete slab on grade is the proper treatment of control joints and construction joints. Support of the slab edges is one aspect often overlooked. Read more

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Finishing Too Early

Troweling the surface of a slab while the concrete is still bleeding. Read more

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Reaction between carbon dioxide and a hydroxide or oxide to form carbonate, especially in cement paste, mortar, or concrete Read more

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The Real Truth About the Effects of Deicers

The results of a study conducted in the mid-1950s show that it's not high concentrations of deicers that cause the heaviest scaling, but relatively low amounts in the range of 2% to 4%. Read more

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The Drying Shrinkage Dilemma

Many designers of concrete structural elements know that concrete shrinks when it dries, but they often fail to consider this in their designs. Article describes the possible consequences of drying shrinkage, including failures at filled joints, slab curling, and excessive cracking. Read more

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