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Chemicals for Removing Stains

How do you find the chemicals needed for removing stains from concrete? Read more

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Boy Researcher's Work Helps Save Money in Contract Dispute

The September 1984 issue of Concrete Construction contained the results of a research study of the previous year by Ernie Karl Schrader III, who was 10 years old at the time the work was done. Read more

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Methods of Removing Some Specific Stains from Concrete: Fire and Soot to Moss

Before trying to remove stains, study the general principles and methods that make success possible, particularly the use of bandages and poultices. Read more

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Treatment of Joints and Embedded Items

This article is primarily concerned with the joints that are needed to allow the concrete structure to function properly. It also gives some instruction about installing various embedded items that may be required: sleeves, anchors and other inserts, waterstops, heating ducts, radiant heating systems and snow melting systems. Read more

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