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About the Blogger

Joe Nasvik

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Joe Nasvik has been senior editor for Concrete Construction (CC) magazine since March 2000, where he writes articles about all segments of the concrete industry and specializes in decorative concrete construction. Nasvik is a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society of Concrete Contractors, on the board of the Decorative Concrete Council, and represents CC in the Concrete Foundation Association. On the ACI national level, Nasvik is a member of the Construction Liaison Committee, the Aesthetics Committee 124, Decorative Concrete 310, and Decorative Concrete Finisher C601-D. He attends meetings of the 302 Floor Construction committee, 343 Bridge Design committee, 130 Sustainability committee, 117 Tolerances committee, and 363 High-Strength concrete committee.

Considered a leading authority on concrete, Nasvik was a professor in the Applied Behavioral Science Department at a small college until 1974 when he started Chicagoland Concrete Specialists (CCS)—a concrete construction company in the Chicago area. As a Bomanite contractor, his company installed all forms of special pavement. As one of the early stamped concrete contractors, he worked out mix designs for freeze/thaw climate use and performed durability tests in lab testing facilities. CCS also constructed high-strength warehouse floors, installed other general concrete flatwork, and specialized in the installation and waterproofing of landscape features and waterfalls using rock textured panels made with glass fiber reinforced concrete and masonry unit formlined concrete wall construction. Nasvik holds a master's degree in Group Dynamics and a master's degree in Social Work.