Working in concrete, your truck is probably more like a second home to you. Here are several tips – life hacks – sure to come in handy next time you're behind the wheel.

1. Cool down quick.
After a long, hot day on the jobsite, the last thing you want is to drive away in a vehicle that feels like roughly the same temperature as the sun. Try this Japanese technique to cool down your ride fast. The video shows a 4-door passenger car, but the principle would be the same for a 2-door truck.

2. Use a plastic cereal container as a trash can.
Don't let the junk pile up. These containers are a perfect fit for a vehicle.

3. Remove minor dents with a toilet plunger.
We're skeptical about this one, but consensus seems to indicate that it works like a champ.

4. Clean headlights with toothpaste.
If you know much about cars you may have heard this one before.

5. Need an extra cup holder? Use a roll of duct tape, or an extra shoe.
Either option should keep your drink in place.
duct tape

6. Use a climbing carabiner to separate extra keys.
Extra weight on your key chain can stress your vehicle's starter. Try fastening extra keys to an easy-to-remove climbing carabiner to prevent damage.

7. Carry only what you need.
The extra weight will reduce your gas mileage.

8. Prone to road rage? Try keeping a stuffed animal handy to yell at.
It's actually as silly as it sounds, and that should help calm you down.

9. Long trip to the jobsite? Use the time to listen to a podcast or audiobook. There's lots of free podcasts available for download and apps that have free audiobooks. You can also check your local library.

10. Does your old truck have a tapedeck? You might be able to use that to hold your more modern cell phone.
A rubber band around the air vents also works well.


Do you have a favorite hack? Share it in the comments below and then check out these jobsite tricks.