The battle to keep fly ash and other coal combustion products from being regulated as hazardous waste by the EPA goes on. However this Friday the US House of Representatives is voting on HR 2273, a bill which would direct the EPA to create disposal regulations for coal combustion products in a very similar manner as municipal solid waste. This would keep prevent the EPA from regulating disposal as a hazardous waste. While passage is highly likely, the future is much less clear in the Senate and, assuming passage in the Senate, on arrival at the White House.

The ACAA is trying to get the message to the president that coal ash should not be regulated as a hazardous waste. Taking advantage of a petition process created by the administration, we are asking those who support continued use of fly ash and other CCPs to sign the petition and recruit others to do the same. At least 5,000 signatures are required by October 24.

Click here to petition President Obama to support coal ash recycling.