Here are the most read features from Concrete Construction magazine in 2013. Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

Better Garage Floors
Tips for pouring stronger, crack-free concrete slabs.
William D. Palmer Jr. and Paul Newman

Precast Concrete Foundations
Factory-made panels can be placed in one day.
William D. Palmer Jr.

America’s Concrete Contractors
Twenty-five tales of success provide inspiration and admiration.
Concrete Construction Staff

Forms for Decks
Systemized approaches offer advantages.
William D. Palmer Jr.

The Concrete Canal
Colossal Panama Canal project focused on concrete.
Teake Zuidema

Changing the Concrete World
The Five Most Influential People in the Concrete Industry in 2013.
William D. Palmer Jr.

Keeping Moisture Out of Slabs
A blind study compares the permeance of vapor barrier products.
William D. Palmer Jr.

Getting an Edge
Robotic total stations provide many advantages in construction.
Angus W. Stocking

Moisture Management
One of the most violated areas of below-grade construction is the failure to include moisture management.
John Koester

Finding the Right Tool
3D modeling software improves concrete construction efficiency.
Barton Malow Company